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songs of freedom

Various diverse artists gather to offer song, dance, and poetry to commemorate civil rights milestones

black voices from virginia

A collection of spoken word and monodrama about the Black experience in Virginia. The piece explores the diverse experiences of African American theatre artists in their quest to carve out their own space in the creative landscape of the American South.

coming out asian american

Hsu’s solo show receives an ensemble production directed by Francis Tanglao Aguas. From vampires to Bruce Lee to competitive swimming, Hsu explores the complications of Asian America male identity in this poetic monodrama rooted in critical race and gender discourse.

drinking with dad

In the tradition of the memory play, Camins pens a fantasy meeting between an estranged father and son. Set in the Philippines, “Drinking With Dad” excavates the humor and pathos of abandonment to ask if such relationships can be rebuilt. 

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