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THE UNTETHERED is Aguas Arts Ink's diverse performers collective of actors, poets, dancers, spoken word artists, scholars, and even lawyers. They made their debut performance in BLACK VOICES FROM VIRGINIA at the 1455 Summer Literary Festival.


THE UNTETHERED are Alana Canty-Samuel, Alivia Long, Angela Delgado, Arika Thames, BJ Mnior, Branden Polk, Brennan McCray, Christopher Richardson, Deirdre Jones, Divinity Summers, Edward Hong, Francis C. Edemobi, Jamar Jones, Jason Blackwell, Jess Ellison, Keaton Hillman, Kim Green, Kristin Hopkins, Lewis Feemster, Marvin "Mimi" Shelton, Nathan Alston, Syreeta Mack, Tanya Boucicaut.

black voices from virginia

JULY 17. 6:30-8PM (est)

Curated and directed by Francis Tanglao Aguas, BLACK VOICES FROM VIRGINIA is a collection of spoken word and monodrama from Black writers and actors from Virginia. The piece explores the diverse experiences of African American theatre artists in their quest to carve out their own space in the creative landscape of the American South.

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